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How Can Laser Genesis Benefit Me?

How Can Laser Genesis Benefit Me?

And What Should I Know Before Booking An Appointment?

Do you dream of perfect, youthful, bright skin? Well, you’re not alone! Canadians spend over $1.7 billion on skin-care products and procedures annually.

We just love our Retinol products and BHA acids, don’t we? But imagine life without all the extra skin treatments and 12-step regimes. With Laser Genesis, the dream is possible!

So, what is Laser Genesis? Learn all about this unique laser skin treatment, its benefits, and why you need to try it today!

What Is Laser Genesis?

Laser Genesis is a near-infrared laser with a 1064-nm wavelength. A small, handheld wand is traced across the face, heating the skin as it moves. Some clients also request this laser treatment for their neck, hands, and decolletage.

Some laser treatments can result in a bit of pain, tingling, or stinging sensations. Laser Genesis doesn’t hurt! Most clients describe the feeling as the sun heating their skin. Sounds nice, right?

Laser Genesis is considered a “lunchtime treatment” because the process takes about 30 minutes! There’s no downtime or major side effects either. You may spot some redness, which will disappear a few hours later.

Does It Actually Work?

It really does! Laser Genesis studies consistently show patient satisfaction with the results. In one Japanese study, 98% of patients showed improved skin texture, decreased wrinkles, and smaller pores.

How does Laser Genesis work so efficiently? The amazing results come from the laser’s ability to stimulate elastin and collagen. These two essential skin proteins decline as the skin ages, creating a host of problems.

Elastin is what helps our skin contract and maintain its shape after stretching. Reduced elastin in the connective tissue results in wrinkles and deep lines. Laser Genesis ramps up elastin production, allowing your skin to bounce back quickly!

Collagen is an often-talked about protein when it comes to beauty and skin health. Its renewal properties keep our skin strong and firm. Of course, as we age and collagen production slows down, the skin becomes more delicate.

What’s the Difference Between IPL and Laser Genesis?

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is a very popular choice for rosacea, sun spots, and discolourations. But how does it differ from Laser Genesis?

First, IPL is a light treatment, whereas Laser Genesis is a laser-based treatment. This means that IPL targets only the topmost layer of the skin and superficial signs of ageing. Laser Genesis goes deeper to speed up protein production and get to the root of ageing woes.

Laser Genesis is also the winner when it comes to inclusivity! Studies have found that this laser treatment is suitable for all skin types. Unfortunately, IPL may not be suitable for darker or sensitive skin types.

Finally, IPL is ideal for reducing sun spots, redness, and pigment discolouration. But if you want to target your pores, wrinkles, and fine lines, then Laser Genesis is the answer. People who have concerns about all the above problems can combine the two treatments.

What Are the Benefits?

Laser Genesis is a unique skin treatment with many benefits! Most importantly, the process is completely pain-free! But beyond that, other benefits include:

  • Convenient and fast
  • Zero recovery time
  • Only minor side effects like redness
  • Improved skin texture
  • Reduced pore size
  • Diminish brown spots
  • Correct fine lines and wrinkles
  • More even skin tone with less redness
  • Healed acne scarring
  • Bright, youthful glow

When you imagine your perfect skin, you’re likely picturing each of these elements. Skin serums, masks, and even facials aren’t reliable solutions. Laser treatment is the best way to upgrade your skin!

Is Laser Genesis Beter Than Microneedling?

Microneedling treatment involves creating a series of tiny pinpricks on the skin to encourage healing. And when the skin heals, it often improves the texture, brightness, and overall look! But Microneedling and Laser Genesis are very different treatments.

Again, Laser Genesis involves zero recovery time and is safe for all skin types! Microneedling will require a bit of downtime while your skin heals and may not be suitable for all.

Can This Treatment Damage My Skin?

Laser Genesis is non-invasive and non-ablative, meaning zero damage to your skin. Older laser treatments sometimes have a bad reputation for being intense and risky. But Laser Genesis is a soothing, safe procedure that doesn’t result in any damage.

How Long Does It Take To Work?

The answer really depends on the state of your skin and your skin concerns. Most clients see subtle results very quickly! But if you want dramatic results, you’ll likely need four to six sessions booked two to four weeks apart.

How Long Do the Results Last?

Results can last between six months to a year! You can extend results by limiting sun exposure and wearing an SPF 30+ sunscreen. Also, try to improve overall health with regular exercise, a nutritious diet, and a skin-care regimen.

How Often Can You Get Laser Genesis?

Every two weeks is the most often you should schedule your Laser Genesis appointment. Most clients book their follow-up appointments to fall between two and four weeks later. Some people choose to come in regularly, about once a month, to maintain their results!

What Skin Conditions Can It Help With?

Many people wonder, “is Laser Genesis good for acne?” The answer is yes! Regardless of age, redness, rosacea, and acne scarring are common skin conditions.

Laser Genesis is an effective treatment for these issues because of its thermal energy system. It targets blood vessels and capillaries responsible for redness and scarring. Once the skin’s healing process is activated, redness and scarring are naturally reduced.

Am I a Good Candidate for Laser Genesis?

People with light skin, dark skin, and everyone in between can enjoy Laser Genesis! It’s ideal for those concerned with dullness, loss of elasticity, wrinkles, fine lines, or any sign of ageing. Laser Genesis is good for acne scarring and rosacea as well!

Are There Any Side Effects?

The only side effect is beautiful skin! But some clients may experience redness following the treatment. This minor side effect is completely normal and usually subsides quickly!

Can I Get It After Botox?

Laser Genesis is safe to use post-Botox, with a small catch. It’s best to wait around two weeks after Botox before scheduling a laser treatment, and vice versa. So don’t plan on cramming both procedures in one day!

How Do I Prepare for the Treatment?

Because the treatment is non-invasive, there’s not much in the way of preparation. But keep these three tips in mind:

Shave or dermaplane 24 hours before treatment (yes, even the peach fuzz)
Avoid AHA/BHA acids and Retinol for one week prior
No tanning or sun exposure three to four weeks prior
Also, skip the fake tan for a few days leading up to your appointment. On the day of treatment, show up make-up free, with clean, dry skin!

Where Can I Get Laser Genesis?

Now that you’re no longer asking, “what is Laser Genesis?”, it’s time to test it out yourself! Ottawa residents can visit us at our cosy, welcoming salon or book an appointment online!  The professional, expert team at MC Laser Clinic and Hair Salon will conduct a consultation to help you find the perfect treatment. Start your journey towards healthy skin!