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About Us

Experience cutting-edge skin treatments and laser services for radiant results.
Our Evolution

From MC Laser Clinic to Sublime MediSpa

Since its inception in 1992, Sublime MediSpa has been pioneering deeper approaches to medical aesthetics for over three decades. Established by Cherine, our spa is founded on the philosophy of reimagining beauty care, placing the highest emphasis on safety, results, and a bespoke experience. Confronting the complexities of the industry, we dedicate ourselves to producing transformative outcomes and ensuring client delight. Our methods go beyond improving physical appearance; we aim to uplift emotional well-being, offering a comprehensive experience at Sublime MediSpa.

It’s About Distinctive Care, Professional Expertise

Cherine’s own journey with skin concerns has infused our mission with empathy and understanding. We position ourselves not merely as a service provider but as passionate advocates for the well-being of our guests, striving to instill a newfound sense of self-assurance and to honor their distinct beauty.

Empathetic skincare professionals
Why Choose Us

Commitment to Excellence

For us, leading the forefront of innovation is a concrete practice, not just a catchphrase. Cherine’s unwavering dedication to continual learning and adoption of the newest techniques guarantees that our clients benefit from the very best the field can provide. Whether it’s addressing acne scarring or minimizing signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, our extensive knowledge covers a wide range of treatments, each designed to deliver exceptional outcomes.

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Quotes & Testimonials

Recognitions & Milestones

At Sublime Medispa About, discover our achievements and landmarks, where the commitment we’ve demonstrated shines through in warm client recommendations and prestigious industry awards. Our considerable investment in comprehensive training, showcased on our ‘About’ page, culminated in Cherine attaining certification  as laser technician, medical aesthetician and advanced skincare specialist. These accomplishments have earned us commendations from eminent bodies within our industry, underscoring our consistent dedication to excellence

Growing to Serve You Better

Our Ongoing Mission

The Persistent Pursuit of Sublime MediSpa As Sublime MediSpa, we remain fervently dedicated to one core objective: delivering safe, impactful, and individualized treatments to our clients. Our aspiration is to create a reality in which medical aesthetic procedures not only elevate outer attractiveness but bolster inner self-assurance as well. Within our nurturing sanctuary, your ease and peace of mind take precedence, with each appointment crafted to refresh and empower you, enhancing your inherent beauty. Embark on your transformative beauty expedition at Sublime MediSpa, where trust, proficiency, and heartfelt attentiveness set the foundation.

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Begin with a personalized consultation to discuss your unique beauty goals.

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Customized Plan

Our experts create a tailored treatment plan designed just for you.

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Expert Treatment

Experience cutting-edge procedures administered by our skilled professionals.

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Radiant Results

Revel in the stunning results that enhance your confidence and beauty.

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