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Common Questions About Lip Fillers

Common Questions About Lip Fillers

Things You Should Know Before Booking An Appointment

Not as much stuff has taken the world by storm as lip fillers have. Their rise in popularity started a few years ago and it seems as if they’re here to stay.

In a world of social media and the overall increase in self-consciousness has led people to think more about their appearance, finding more and more ‘mistakes’ on their bodies and faces.

We’d like to start this article by saying: there is no such thing as a mistake on your body.

Yes, lip fillers are a fast and relatively harmless way to add touch-ups and maybe help you feel more comfortable in your skin. But cosmetic procedures should never be your go-to solution for feeling empowered or more beautiful. Remember, as much as it sounds like a cliche, beauty really does come from within. Lip fillers, lasers, hair colours, cosmetic surgery, etc. – should just be that extra oomph you’re looking for, not the main thing. You’re awesome as you are! The world is much more interesting when we’re all different and proud of our own features!

On the other hand, it’s understandable that you might be thinking about getting lip fillers. All of us have that one thing we would like to change about ourselves, and for some – it’s the desire for more plump lips – and you have every right to do so! But, you should always remember lip injections are a real procedure that does come with possible risks.

That being said, let’s talk about all of that, shall we?

What Are Lip Fillers Made Of?

Lip fillers usually consist of hyaluronic acid, which is a substance your body already has. They’re a type of dermal fillers and are used to achieve various results. Hyaluronic acid lip fillers are the most used type of lip filler. Their effect usually lasts between six months to a year. Other types of lip fillers are collagen and fat injections or implants. These are not that much used today, since hyaluronic ones gave fewer risks and side effects associated with them.

What Can Lip Fillers Do?

There are many reasons a person might choose to get lip fillers. For some, it’s because they’re not a fan of their thin lips and would want to add some volume. Others might want to correct the shape of their lips and make them more symmetric. Then, some people just want to restore the size of their lips and make applying lipstick more enjoyable.

What To Expect From The Procedure?

If this is your first time, your lip filler journey will most likely start with a consultation appointment. There, a professional will talk you through the whole process, explain the possible risks and let you know the amount of fillers needed and the cost. After a while and you thinking things over, you will book an appointment. Here’s where you’ll start to get excited!

When you finally get to the appointment, a numbing creme will be applied to your lips. After a few minutes, a certified injector will mark the areas where they’ll need to inject and use fine needles to put the filler in your lips.

You’ll notice the result right away. However, only after around two weeks will you be able to see the real change, after the initial swelling goes away completely. The biggest swelling occurs in the first 48 hours.

The Aftercare

After getting the injections, your lips will be swollen and might even be bleeding a bit on the injection spots. This is not something you should worry about and is completely normal. The redness and swelling should go away after a few days – if it doesn’t and you notice pain and swelling only getting worse, call your provider and/or physician immediately.

You should stay hydrated and avoid alcohol for at least a day. Avoid heavy lifting and exposure to heat. Also, don’t touch your lips a lot or massage them right away.

Your provider will for sure give you some extra after-care tips and schedule a follow-up appointment or phone call.

Advantages Of Getting Lip Fillers

The biggest advantage is – if you don’t like what they look like on you, you can take them out. The process is fully reversible.  Also:

  • Low risk of complications
  • Safe procedure
  • Can help you boost your self-esteem
  • Relatively painless
  • No actual downtime

Possible Risks

As with any other procedure, getting lip fillers comes with possible risks, especially if you’re someone that has cold sores often. The most common risks are:

  • Migration of the filler
  • Infection
  • Tissue death
  • Cold sore reactivation
  • Bleeding and pain in the injection area
  • Tenderness

However, a lot of that depends on the product used, the experience of the person injecting the fillers, and your behaviour after the treatment.

How Long Do Lip Fillers Last?

Depending on your age and frequency of getting lip fillers, their lasting varies. For example – if this is your first time getting lip fillers, they might last around 4-6 months, for some even more. If you already had fillers before – they might last up to 18 months. Also, age plays a role in the life expectancy of a filler. Younger people break down calories faster, so lip fillers don’t last as long.

Can You Get Lip FIllers While Pregnant?

That wouldn’t be very wise, according to some.

Pregnancy is a time when many expectant people become more cautious about what they put into their bodies, simply because they’re afraid that something might hurt the baby.

Even though there isn’t any definitive risk that doing fillers will harm your baby, many providers still advise waiting until you’ve given birth. That’s because, during pregnancy, your hormones are off the charts and have the power to do a lot. The hormones in this situation can cause issues with blood flow and swelling and might cause more problems during recovery. So, it’s best for you to avoid them.

The same goes for breastfeeding.

How Much Do Lip Injections Cost

The price of lip filler varies among clinics but it’s usually in the $500 to $1000 bracket. At Sublime MediSpa, a mini lip plump with a 0.5 ml injection of hyaluronic acid filler will cost you $300. This one is ideal for first-timers, those who already have fuller lips or want hydration only. Check out the prices here.

The Takeaway

Yes, lip fillers are a nice and safe way to get that extra plump in your lips. But, as we said in the beginning – don’t let today’s world make you feel less beautiful whatsoever. Lip fillers are not everyone’s cup of tea – and that’s okay! At Sublime MediSpa, not only do we have expert injectors that will make you feel safe and pampered, but we also have other treatments that can help you feel relaxed and taken care of. Whatever you decide to treat yourself with, we’re here for you and can’t wait to meet you! Get in touch today!